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Workers' Compensation Claim
More commonly known as workers ‘comp

This can be a long and grueling process that no one what's to deal with. Attorney Brownell can help you understand the step by step process.

Some helpful knowledge to help you start your workers' compensation claim. You must first be out of work for at least 5 business work days to qualify for benefits. You can get those 5 days back only if you miss more than 21 business days. Keep in mind that workers' compensation does NOT pay for “pain and suffering”. Also keep in mind that if your employer provides you workers' compensation, you cannot file tort on your employer.
The Process of your claim
  • Your employer will fill a First Report of Injury, Form 101
  • The insurer will pay for lost wages or reject
  • The insurer will request for a medical report from your doctor. This report MUST indicate that you are indeed disabled from a work related injury during the time of incident.
  • The insurer may pay benefits for 6 months or 180 days without prejudice.
The insurer may stop or reduce payment at any time and claim any defenses including, liability, disability, and causation.
Helpful tips to keep you informed. When your filling a claim for workers' compensation make sure you have documentation for EVERYTHING. Doctors' visits, day to day activities and the level of pain you're in.

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